I’m not a religion, Jesus, or Keith Urban. I don’t perform acts of kindness for personal recognition. When you visit my site, it’s crucial to understand the “why” behind my actions. By reading this intro, you’ll discover my strong belief in being of service to all humans. I believe in the importance of every individual in this world and in the equality of all. Kindness is my Religion!

You may or may not care about my biography or the reason behind my “humanitarian shift.” However, if you do care, you won’t be disappointed. I won’t delve into specific details about my life, but I’ve acquired valuable skills over the decades. Since age 4, I’ve felt destined for greater things for the world. Life is more than just consuming, working, paying taxes, following rules, and day-to-day living. I hope this site inspires and motivates you. Also, check out my YouTube videos! Now, go out into the world and spread kindness every day!

I’ve always engaged in random acts of kindness, and after watching the 2000 drama “Pay it Forward,” it became clear that being kind was something significant for me. My goal is to gradually scale up by traveling around the world spreading kindness. I’m constantly searching for new ways to be kind, and anyone is welcome to reach out with suggestions. There are countless people in need every day—please join me!

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The best way you can help is by getting involved! Check out my social pages. My hope is that they will help you get thinking about how to be more helpful in your own community.  Also, you can contact me for more ways you can help in your community. make Kindness your religion!


As I build my Kindness Portfolio, this is where you will see updates and links to The NEWEST thing’s that are going on!